Introducing Arabella Park, A New Kind Of Bar
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As soon as you enter you can tell this isn't your ordinary bar. Long row style seating means you'll likely be meeting new people this evening and there's an energy in the air that facilitates this; people are talking about beer.

There are groups of people standing, others sitting down, yet Arabella Park is spacious and you can move freely from your location to the massive wood bar that stretches almost the entire space. Behind it, 18 taps and their matching contents written in white glass marker on a stark blue wall. The entire venue has great design with bright white furniture lending your eye to the deep blue glass tiles above the taps. Here and there, interesting angles accent aspects of the bar and every tap is a hand milled piece of wood with slightly different design. The size of the bar allows you to easily step up to see the ornate taps. There are no wait staff at Arabella Park but approaching the bar to order is no issue as there is only seating at the far ends of it.

What really stands out however, is the unique beer selection. 18 beers you won't find at the LCBO including two fusion projects (already!) from Arabella and Ontario craft brewers. approach the bar and within seconds you'll be asked by a fellow patron if you've tried this farm session or that porter. "Have you tried the dry hopped sour yet? I'm going to try the rice pale ale next!" These are people who love to talk craft beers, and you're now in the middle of a room full of them at a bar styled after the German concept of bier hall community.

Pair your beer with over a dozen delicious hot culinary creations from Chef Byron. just place your order over at the bar and it comes to your table within minutes. If you're looking for a little more intimate setting away from the main community tables, grab a seat at the side or pop upstairs with your party to the second deck overlooking all the action.

With 18 beers on tap and even more unique brews in bottles kept in the segmented fridge designed to chill each beer type to ideal temperature, you might need to come back a couple times to find your favourite.

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